Our work

Our work spans branding, multimedia and web development, video production and e-learning. Follow the links on the right to see our full portfolio.

We have a simple 4 step process to help you realise your goals:
analysis, specification, design and production,
and wrap up.

1. Analysis

We like to develop strong relationships with our customers. At the start of your project we’ll talk about exactly what you want to achieve for your business. You know your business best, so we collaborate closely with you to ensure that we understand your needs. We’ll talk about your overall aims and objectives, then clarify your key goals so that a more detailed picture is built up. It’s vital that everyone thoroughly understands the purpose of the project from the outset so that the creative process can work for your bottom line. This dialogue can also help us find ways to bring extra value to you through new developments in technology or software.

2. Specification

A detailed project specification will then be negotiated with you, along with a critical pathway detailing key project stages, status updates and milestones. This will serve as the benchmark against which you can measure all aspects of the project, and will help us to deal with any changes in timescale, resources or direction.

3. Design and production

From sketches to finished results, we’ll share a creative journey with you to explore exciting and inspiring concepts which will bring your ideas to life.

Our team have experience in a wide range of design fields to ensure we’ll always find something which will meet your needs exactly, whether it be in branding, websites, print design, motion graphics or film and video production. The energetic mix of our individual specialisations mean fresh and alternative thoughts are always in abundance.

We plan regular progress review meetings where we check progress and consider changes to scope, time and cost, ensuring that the whole team remains focused and informed on delivering the project on time, to specification, and at the right levels of quality.

4. Wrap up

We will arrange and manage all fulfilment aspects of your project such as printing, duplication and delivery, and can manage your website hosting requirements. To wrap up the project, we’ll review together the finished work against the specification. Any alterations, corrections, omissions and last-minute changes are sorted out and your project is signed off. We won’t be happy until you’re happy!