Young Apprenticeships

The situation:

Young Apprenticeships have been a very successful way of providing youngsters with work experience as part of their GCSE studies. The program has a lot to offer but the benefits of it are not easily understood by parents who often worry about the impact on general studies, transport, and overall implications to educational pathways.

The project:

Bright was approached to help explain what the apprenticeship project is about through informative and fun case studies and interviews with students, employees and organisers of the scheme. The video based presentation was primarily targeted at parents and aimed to counter some of their concerns by promoting the benefits of this unique opportunity for the kids. The video used the concept of a notice board as a more engaging way to present various vox pops around the subject.

The result:

• Increased interest in the scheme from both parents and students
• Strengthening of the Young Apprenticeship brand values as a fun but engaging proactive education scheme