Getting Investment Funding

Rozmic logoWant to know one of the secret ingredients to getting investment funding? A good business plan is essential, but smart design can play a key part in helping investors visualise your business idea. Here we speak to Ross Cooney, M.D. of Rozmic Ltd about the difference it made to his business growth.

Rozmic are a specialist email cloud computing company. They are constantly looking to develop new markets for their secure antivirus, spam filtration and instant messaging services. As a result, they speak to an awful lot of people – and they have to speak their language. They take the task of educating their investors seriously and so turned to Bright to deliver effective branding and presentation resources.

Q: What stage was your business at when you decided to look for funding?
We had started the company off by developing in house specialist software for VOIP mobile devices. Having completed market research and the proof of concept, we were seeking £330,000 to launch a faster and smarter operating system and application software product to the marketplace.

Q:  Why did you seek a design solution to help your plan?
We had a business plan, but we felt we needed something which would make the business come alive for the investors, to give them a more tangible idea of what they were investing into. Mobile application software isn’t the easiest thing to explain and a ‘picture can speak a thousand words’, as they say.

Having identified the needs of Rozmic, Bright worked with them to come up with a logo which exemplified their presence in markets utilising cutting-edge WiFi technologies. Alongside this, Bright helped to develop a website and brochure strategy which explained to investors exactly how complex technology-based products addressed the needs of the identified customers. The website was designed to be gradually rolled out to fit with several important stages of the investor buy-in process while the brochure signposted investors to the website.

Rozmic gained a brand which communicated their values. They were able to build upon it with resources which effectively demonstrating their long term vision to their investors by giving them a clear and detailed insights into how their products worked in practice. The brochure helped the investors visualise the Rozmic venture as an operating service rather than just an outline business plan, and they secured the funding they needed.

Q: How did our work make a difference?
The investor panel were particularly impressed with the quality of the presentation materials we showed to them. It really helped us to explain the intricacies of the business model, and the graphics were able to put across key ideas straight away. They remarked that they were much better able to see the company as a real, existing enterprise. It gave them a tangible picture of a successfully operating company, which backed up with our business plan, was a winner for them.

The energy and dedication of the team at Bright was a critical factor in making the design process a wholly worthwhile and rewarding one for everyone involved. You could tell they were really enthusiastic about their work and they were willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our product offering was clearly and creatively communicated to our customers…I would happily recommend Bright to anyone!

Q: How have you judged the return on investment?
We got the money! What more do I need to say? We’ve now been able to expand the company into the specialist email cloud computing marketplace, and our emailcloud product is proving to be successful globally.

Q: Any other presentation tips you would give businesses looking to become ‘investment ready’?
It’s a good idea to outline your business plan to your colleagues and peers and ask them if they can not only understand it, but also if they can ‘visualise’ your business idea working – if not, get a design agency with a track record in working with companies looking for investment involved.  It’s also a good idea to get an investment readiness consultant on board to ensure you have all the bases covered before you submit your plan.


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