Standing out from competitors

Reeve Associates Ltd logoHow well do you stand out in the face of your competition?
Do your customers always pick up your brochure and start talking about it? In this article, we speak to Janice Reeve of Reeve Associates Financial Services about how design can make an important difference to your brand awareness.

Reeve Associates are independent financial advisors. They approached Bright with a problem of visibility. They operate within a competitive marketplace – mortgage and personal investment advice – where many of the products offered are similar, so their client communications materials have to stand out to get noticed.

Q: What made you decide it was time to deal with brand awareness?
“I noted that when I received marketing literature I either filed it in the bin immediately or put it in a drawer and forgot about it. Most of the literature was not eye catching or was pretty boring and the information was the same as everyone else’s. I needed there to be a reason for customers to keep my brochure!”

Bright devised a plan to refresh their corporate identity and design a corporate brochure which would not only display all Reeve Associates services in one scan, but also build upon Reeve Associates brand message of a commitment to one-on-one personal consultancy with customers. A ‘looking after your dough’ concept was developed to show how a careful hands-on approach was key to creating meaningful investment strategies and relationships and that clients could watch their wholesome assets potentially rise with anticipation; in other words, a financial services “recipe book”.

Q: How did our work make a difference?
The brochure is always noticed and people have used the recipes. It’s certainly a taking point and I have noticed that when I leave any lying around at networking events they always disappear! It has certainly made my brand stand out.

Q: How have you judged the return on investment?
I can’t say that it’s brought in more business, but that was never my intention. The intention was to be remembered and to expand upon brand awareness. The unique concepts developed have worked really well in getting my customers talking and interacting with my brand in ways which reinforce my brand values, in addition to the financial questions they should be asking themselves. Plus there is an incentive to keep looking at my brochure for the recipes!

Q: What feedback have you had from customers?
Everyone loves it because it is so unusual and different from any other independent finance company. Financial services are not the most lively subject and the brochure makes Reeve Associates more approachable and modern whilst still retaining an air of professionalism. The brochure is quirky to say the least!

Q: Any other tips you would give businesses looking to become more visible in their market?
Even when the money is tight, as it is for most businesses at present, it’s certainly worth looking at your branding. Ask existing clients and customers what they think. It’s amazing how freely they will give their feedback.

And it really is worth spending the time with Grant and Yves throwing ideas around over coffee and marshmallow flumps! I consider it money well spent.