North Tyneside Council

The situation:

The UK government recently introduced a new pathway for students aged 12-15, the Diploma, offering a variety of new choices and opportunities to students nationwide. North Tyneside Council and North Tyneside Learning Platform found themselves facing the challenge of introducing these new opportunities to their learners, who faced an already confusing mix of options to choose from.

The project:

Bright was approached to help explain the new Diploma to young people in an informative but also fun way through an already existing information portal for youngsters in the get-it-sorted website. Playing on already existing themes of the website (a comic book), we developed “Diploman”, a short information film in the style of a comic strip, involving students and staff from North Tyneside schools in a fun and entertaining way to educate and illustrate what the new Diploma is all about. We deliberately used cut-outs throughout the video to avert the risk of delivering a collection of wooden performances that might alienate the audience.

The result:

• Fun and entertainment that gets an otherwise daunting concept across to a media savvy audience. • Informational material that is consistent with North Tyneside Education Authority branding, strengthening the already existing values of fun and down to earth advice.