Act Positive

The situation:

Act Positive is a drama-based learning organisation which aims to change behaviour and attitudes by engaging and inspiring their clients to think and feel differently about what they do – to make positive change a reality. They wanted to create a brand which reflected this and to develop a website which would be more than just a brochure for their services.

The project:

We started by looking at the values the company wanted to emphasize, and were able to build up a picture of where the business was going and what it wanted to achieve. From this, we were able to build up more detailed specification for their brand identity and website, and then by working with the Act Positive team in close collaboration we developed brand concepts, website interfaces and identified CMS solutions.

Interaction and a character-led development of the core Act Positive brand were key factors in the design of the website, reflecting their approach to their training courses.

The site was designed to be constantly developed over time as a learning tool for users as much as a communication one. Discussion forums were set up for users to ask questions, leave feedback and talk to one another about Act Positive course topics, and interactive audio and video resources are planned in the near future, for example.

The result:

• Distinctive branding and an active learning website has helped to build a community of interested users around the Act Positive vision.

• A strong working relationship has built up between Act Positive and ourselves and we continue to work with them to develop their website and other new e-learning projects as joint ventures.

“Bright have consistently designed and delivered excellence. They spent a lot of time listening to us. They offered expertise on what creative solutions would work to make the programme just a little bit different from many other learning modules. Bright have produced a high quality interactive learning product which is accessible, engaging, effective and in the innovative bright style – imaginative.”
Roger Hancock, Director of Act Positive Ltd

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