The situation:

Rozmic are an energetic mobile devices software company, constantly looking to develop new markets for their secure antivirus, VoIP and instant messaging services. As a result, they speak to an awful lot of people – and they have to speak their language. They take the task of educating their investors seriously and so turned to Bright to come up with effective branding.

The project:

Having identified the needs of Rozmic, we worked with them to come up with a logo which exemplified their presence in markets utilising cutting-edge WiFi technologies. Alongside this, Bright helped to develop a website and brochure strategy which explained to investors exactly how complex technology-based products addressed the needs of the identified customers. The website was designed to be gradually rolled out to fit with several important stages of the investor buy-in process while the brochure signposted investors to the website.

The result:

Rozmic gained a brand which communicated their values. They were able to build upon it with resources which effectively demonstrating their long term vision to their investors by giving them a clear and detailed insights into how their products worked in practice. The brochure helped the investors visualise the Rozmic venture as an operating service rather than just an outline business plan, and they secured the funding they needed.

“The energy and dedication of the team at Bright was a critical factor in making the design process a wholly worthwhile and rewarding one for everyone involved. You could tell they were really enthusiastic about their work and they were willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our product offering was clearly and creatively communicated to our customers…I would happily recommend Bright to anyone!”
Ross Cooney, Director / Rozmic