Resus Online

The situation:

Resuscitation is a key part of training for professionals and support staff in the NHS. It is mandatory training and usually takes the form of classroom training sessions. We recognised the need for an online component to shave time off a typical training event, potentially saving the NHS money.

The project:

In conjunction with an NHS resuscitation specialist, we designed an effective low-cost online resuscitation support package, designed specifically to support in-hospital resuscitation officers in the NHS. The package covers several different types of resuscitation, including adult and paediatric basic life support.

The resources use a mix of interactive exercises and video presentations to explain basic life support theory. Users work through the lessons, including a hospital specific section customized to their own Trust, before being awarded a certificate of completion.

The result:

• a basic life support theory course which can be used as a primer to practical classroom sessions

• a fully customisable resource for NHS Trusts