Northumbria University School of Design

The situation:

Northumbria University School of Design needed a new prospectus for the Design School which would appeal to all their prospective students, both home and overseas.

The project:

We liaised with the School business marketing managers, the departmental staff, recruitment managers and existing students to find out the shortcomings of current literature and to listen to their suggestions. We then presented several concepts, one of which was chosen to be fully developed. We then worked closely with the departmental heads to pull together the necessary information, text, photography and graphics from student work to illustrate each of the design school disciplines. Particular challenges included creating a coherent and confident layout with such a wide variety and strength of student work to display in the pages, and to get staff to give us the information on time! Because it was design students we were trying to attract, we plumped for a fancy finish on the cover – solid background colour with text and texture picked out in transparent gloss varnish.

The result:

A designerly prospectus which showcased student work, and complemented the full suite of University brand publications without losing its distinctive character.