It’s All About ED

The situation:

The Single Equality Act is one of the most significant pieces of equality and diversity legislation for many years in the UK. It has implications for all public organisations and businesses in the UK. We recognised a need for an interactive equality and diversity induction learning tool which would help businesses train their staff in a relevant and practical way in their day-to-day jobs, rather than focusing purely on the word of law.

The project:

In conjunction with equality and diversity specialists and interactive drama experts, we began planning a course built around a common office scenario, where characters interact with each other and discrimination occurs.

Learners are encouraged to consider the action, what was said, how it was said, and how they might themselves react or advise the characters in the scenario.

The scenario is underpinned by useful resources relating to equality and diversity issues, such as news stories, support groups and points of legislation. These resources are based around the strands of the Single Equality Act: harassment, age, religion, sex and gender, sexual orientation, disability and race.

The result:

• a useful tool which puts legislation into context for learners

• an interactive format with activities designed to challenge learners perceptions of issues such as stereotyping and discrimination

• a tool which will assist business and public bodies in understanding and implementing the Single Equality Act.

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