The situation:

Connexions, the confidential advice, support and information service for 13 – 19 year olds, needed to communicate information about the options they offer to their core audience: coping with exams, finding jobs and apprenticeships, and entering further education. They had identified that they wanted to put across several important ‘top tips’ or key ideas for young people to remember.



The project:

The Connexions brief came across to us as involving themes of direction, responsibility and individuality. We created a concept and storyboard for a quirky, off-beat film approach which was designed to appeal to the notoriously difficult to engage 13-19 age group. Using a group of local college drama students, we wanted to have their own shoes do the walking and talking, to show how as individuals they could find their direction in careers and life, instead of wandering around aimlessly. With a sense of humour, naturally

The film, entitled “Soul Mates”, is designed for viewing across multiple delivery platforms, e.g. DVD, Connexions website.

The result:

• Creative ‘edutainment’ info-film for teenagers which literally included their ‘voice’ in the making of it

• Educational material for Connexions, consistent with their other brand materials.