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The situation: Rozmic are an energetic mobile devices software company, constantly looking to develop new markets for their secure antivirus, VoIP and instant messaging services. As a result, they speak to an awful lot of people – and they have to speak their language. They take the task of educating their investors seriously and so …

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The situation: A pet project of football legend Kevin Keegan, Soccer Circus is a family oriented leisure attraction using unique engineering technology in its gameplay. Participants learn fundamental football skills, like passing the ball or target practice, in interactive games before testing what they’ve learned in competitive team games. Their development team had taken years …

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Northumbria University School of Design


The situation: Northumbria University School of Design needed a new prospectus for the Design School which would appeal to all their prospective students, both home and overseas. The project: We liaised with the School business marketing managers, the departmental staff, recruitment managers and existing students to find out the shortcomings of current literature and to …

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Act Positive


The situation: Act Positive is a drama-based learning organisation which aims to change behaviour and attitudes by engaging and inspiring their clients to think and feel differently about what they do – to make positive change a reality. They wanted to create a brand which reflected this and to develop a website which would be …

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Janice Reeve Associates


The situation: Reeve Associates approached us with a problem of visibility. They operate within a competitive marketplace – mortgage and personal investment advice – and so their client communications materials have to stand out. The project: Bright devised a plan to refresh their corporate identity and design a corporate brochure which would not only display …

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Eagle Helicopters


The situation: Eagle Helicopters operates out of Newcastle Heliport on the banks of the River Tyne. It required a brochure to market its business and explain everything about the Eagle Helicopters experience to potential clients. The project: Using the existing brand, we developed a unique tabbed page brochure format and illustrated it with some of …

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Direct Submit


The situation: Direct Submit is an internet marketing and search engine optimisation service. After listening to the client and understanding what they did, we came up with an easily understood metaphor – the desperation of a message in a bottle – to communicate the essence of the problem they were solving for their customers. The …

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