What we do: What we do

What we do: Motion Graphics


We create visual effects and motion graphics for presentations, promotional work or branded content. If its for customers, internal communications or investors we can make your brand image and message move.

What we do: Film & Video

Sole Mates

From simple online movies explaining your business to full scale video production and editing – we’ve been seen hanging from helicopters and spotted in speedboats to get the shot you need – we can produce high definition film to communicate your brand message.

What we do: Websites

Visible Media

We’ll help you get your business online with bespoke e-commerce webdesign,  promote your brand with effective brochure sites, or give you full control of your site with content managed systems which allow you to update your information and products whenever you want.

What we do: Branding

Engineering Creatives

Trying to create a brand from scratch or revitalising an already existing one can be a tough challenge. Using our own collaborative design process, we’ll guide you along the path to finding a brand which your customers will fall in love with.

What we do: E-learning

South of Tyne & Wear NHS Trust

We can design and develop an online training course for you from scratch, or from your own training materials. We work with subject experts to produce a fully interactive resource, including filming, interactive graphics and exercises, evaluation tests and administration tools.

What we do: Print

Northumbria University School of Design Prospectus

We love the smell of newly printed ink on paper. Yes we do! (We love sliding down banisters naked too but that’s a different story.) If you need an extra special brochure, business card, letterhead, folder, flier or something printed which has to cut the mustard, we can design it for you and arrange the …

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