What we do: Film & Video

Shepherd Engineering Services: Timelapse

The situation: Shepherd Engineering Services (SES) are a big player in the construction industry and in order to remain on top of the competition they have to come up with innovative ways of saving costs and adding value. One such way of increasing productivity is modular wiring. Modular wiring allows a dramtic increase in productivity …

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North Tyneside Council


The situation: The UK government recently introduced a new pathway for students aged 12-15, the Diploma, offering a variety of new choices and opportunities to students nationwide. North Tyneside Council and North Tyneside Learning Platform found themselves facing the challenge of introducing these new opportunities to their learners, who faced an already confusing mix of …

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The situation: A pet project of football legend Kevin Keegan, Soccer Circus is a family oriented leisure attraction using unique engineering technology in its gameplay. Participants learn fundamental football skills, like passing the ball or target practice, in interactive games before testing what they’ve learned in competitive team games. Their development team had taken years …

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MAERSK North Sea Oil


The situation: Maersk North Sea Oil were expanding their operations in the North Sea and the Global Producer III refurbishment was an integral part of this new venture. The project: We were initially asked to co-ordinate the filming of the global producer’s entry into the docks on the River Tyne because of our experience in …

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Soul Mates

The situation: Connexions, the confidential advice, support and information service for 13 – 19 year olds, needed to communicate information about the options they offer to their core audience: coping with exams, finding jobs and apprenticeships, and entering further education. They had identified that they wanted to put across several important ‘top tips’ or key …

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McNulty Offshore Construction: ‘Galloper’

The situation: McNulty Offshore Construction recently commissioned us to document the construction of the ‘Galloper’ project, an offshore structure for use within the renewable energy sector. As offshore construction projects very often span over months of construction before finishing, it is difficult to communicate the overall achievements through traditional media. For this project timelapse photography …

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Young Apprenticeships

The situation: Young Apprenticeships have been a very successful way of providing youngsters with work experience as part of their GCSE studies. The program has a lot to offer but the benefits of it are not easily understood by parents who often worry about the impact on general studies, transport, and overall implications to educational …

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